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What features do you need to add to your DNN web site? Check the options below to learn about other DNN Modules you can use on your DNN web site.
 Do you need a way to list, search, group, filter and export data?
 Do you need a way to dynamically send newsletters?
 Do you need a way to provide support to your customers?
 Do you need a way to modify existing skins or create new skins quickly?
The OnyakTech Data Viewer is a data processing module for DNN that makes it easy to play with your data. Upload, view, sort, group, search, edit, backup and export all of your data from any data source easily. Just enter your SQL (or let the Data Viewer generate the SQL for you) into the Module settings and GO! Or upload a file and GO! Click Here for more information about Data Viewer
Axon is an email manager for DNN. Use Axon for marketing campaigns, email responders, email list servers, surveys, newsletters, threaded email management and custom dynamic content delivered at scheduled intervals. Axon provides you with scheduled delivery of dynamically generated personalized emails, surveys, a robust opt-in engine, multi-threaded processing (process thousands of emails without effecting the performance of your server), read tracking and more. Axon even provides the ability to schedule email delivery in batches. It's EASY TO USE. Campaign templates are provided to help you get started fast! For more information go to
SigmaPro is a DNN module for Projects, Service Centers, Help Desks and CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Includes Windows Mobile applications, Windows Applications, Vista Sidebar Gadgets, Web Services and more! You can get going fast with predefined templates or modify every aspect of the system in order to custom fit it to your organization's needs. For more information go to or subscribe for complete access to all OnyakTech products today!
Skin Studio by OnyakTech makes it easy to create new Skins for DNN and you don't need to be a developer to use it! While Skin Studio does offer features to developers, it is designed to be used by anyone. Simple and very powerful. Go to for full details.


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